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Affordable Counselling


Have you been wanting to start therapy but feel you are not ready for the financial commitment? Need help but not sure how you can afford it? Have you been suffering alone with limited resources to ask for help?

At Northern Counselling & EMDR Inc., we understand that counselling is an important and integral component for maintaining optimal mental health which needs to be made available and accessible for a wide range of populations no matter the socio-economic context. 

For this reason, we are now offering affordable (low-cost) counselling services to adults seeking financially accessible counselling services.


Affordable Counselling is provided by our Practicum Counsellors, who are highly qualified Master Level students working towards completion of their Master's degree in a counselling related field. They are providing affordable counselling at minimum cost as part of direct client hours requirement for their licensing.


Practicum counsellors are required to operate under close supervision of seasoned Registered Counsellors and receive ongoing professional support.

Call us or email us today to inquiry about affordable counselling and whether it would be a good fit for you.

*Please note: Practicum Counsellor Rates are only available, if we have a Practicum Counsellor on staff at the time.

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