Post Trauma Treatment

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Post Trauma Treatment

Trauma is a psychological injury that impacts your way of thinking and understanding. It impacts your emotional life, your relationships, your self-perception and your other psychological responses.

When you go through healing in counselling session, you may still benefit from post-trauma treatment to help you go back to healthy habits that trauma damaged. 

In order to support you in your post-trauma healing, we teamed up with Mr. David Wyssen from DWFitness. 

Mr. Wyssen will help you develop your new healthy habits through physical exercise, healthy eating habits, breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation and grounding. He may help you with development of self-defense techniques to boost your self-confidence if needed. Many studies have proven that physical activity and mindfulness enhance well-being by reducing post-trauma symptoms and improving coping strategies.

To make an appointment with Mr. Wyssen, please call 1-778-349-7397 or visit his website